How to ship from China to Amazon FBA

For Amazon sellers importing from China, it is crucial to find a reliable and experienced freight forwarder. A dependable freight forwarder can help you save a lot of effort in the transportation process. Compared to logistics companies at the destination, selecting a Chinese freight forwarder is especially important. Chinese people value being down-to-earth and doing every step well.
How to ship from China to Amazon FBA,amazon freight forwarder

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The process of shipping from China to Amazon

Step 1: Calculate the total weight and volume of your goods.

To determine the most suitable shipping method, it is essential to accurately calculate the weight and volume of your goods.

Step 2: Create an Amazon shipping plan.

Before shipping your products, create a shipping plan on the Amazon seller center.

Then you will get 2 items: SKU labels and FBA labels. These 2 things are very important. The SKU labels need to be sticked to the outer packaging of individual products for Amazon’s scanning and identification purposes. The FBA labels should be placed on the outer boxes. The FBA labels display an FBA identification number, which changes for each shipment. This allows Amazon to recognize that the goods belong to you.

Step 3: Choose the right shipping method.

There are three methods of shipping on the market: Express, Air freight and Sea freight(超链接). You need to choose a mode of transportation that is suitable for your quantity and required time. Fortunately, freight forwarders usually include all three services.

Step 4: Find a reliable freight forwarder in China.

It is advisable to work with a freight forwarder based in China, preferably one close to your factory. Some freight forwarders have multiple warehouses in China and can ship from major ports in China.

Step 5: Have your freight forwarder inspect packaging and labeling.

Before shipping your goods, have your freight forwarder inspect the packaging and labeling to ensure compliance with Amazon’s requirements. This step helps avoid any issues or rejections upon arrival at the Amazon warehouses.

Step 6: Track your shipment and await delivery to Amazon warehouses.

Use a tracking system to track your shipments. This will help you stay updated on the estimated arrival time and any potential delays. Your forwarder will also update you in time.

How can I ship my goods from China to the Amazon FBA?

The safest and most efficient way is to choose a Chinese freight forwarder specializing in FBA shipping.

Once you get the packaging information, you can contact the freight forwarder who will provide you with the best shipping advice.

What is the shipping cost to Amazon FBA?

The simplest way is to choose a reliable freight forwarder that has its own operations centers both in China and the destination.

Gorto specializes in Amazon FBA shipping and has warehouses and operation centers in China, USA, and Europe, enabling end-to-end control and cost savings for you.

What terms can I use?

Both FOB and EXW terms are available. The typical shipping process involves the goods being delivered from the supplier to the freight forwarder’s warehouse before shipping.

The difference is that under FOB terms, the supplier handles this step, and you pay the costs to the supplier in advance, while under EXW terms, your freight forwarder usually includes this service.

Does shipping goods to Amazon FBA require insurance?


It is essential to insure your goods. It provides coverage in case of damage or other losses. Usually, your freight forwarder includes this service.

What information is required to ship goods to Amazon FBA?

Initially, you need to provide

  1. packing list
  2. supplier address
  3. destination

To your freight forwarder. Once you confirm the pricing, you provide your supplier’s contact information to them, and they will handle the communication for the remaining documents.

Can I track the status of my shipment?

Yes, if you use services like UPS or FedEx, they have their own tracking systems, and you can use the tracking number provided to check the status.

If you use air or sea freight services, each freight forwarder company has its own tracking system, and you can request updates on the status of your shipment.

Common Shipping Mistakes Made by Amazon Newcomers

Not considering Chinese holidays when scheduling shipments.

To prevent delays, be mindful of Chinese holidays and avoid scheduling shipments during peak holiday periods when factories and logistics services may experience disruptions.

Entrust your supplier with the complete transportation to Amazon FBA.

Suppliers are primarily focused on manufacturing goods and may not be well-versed in export-import procedures.

Relying on them to find a freight forwarder can lead to additional costs, cause they might make a profit from it. It is recommended to directly engage with a reliable freight forwarder.

Neglecting packaging and labeling inspections by the freight forwarder.

Failing to have your freight forwarder inspect packaging and labeling can result in non-compliance with Amazon’s requirements, leading to potential rejections and additional expenses.

Not purchasing insurance for your goods.

While shipping goods, there is always a risk of damage or loss. It is advisable to purchase insurance coverage to protect your investment in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Now your goods are ready to be shipped!

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