Air freight

Air freight plays a crucial role in the global supply chain of global business, providing timely delivery of cargo while reducing unforeseen delays or obstacles. It helps to meet all customers’ high standards for service, responsiveness, and fast order fulfillment. As the quickest way to transport goods to their destinations, air freight enables you to meet time-sensitive project requirements and exceed your expectations.

What is Gorto Air Freight?

Partnership with first class carriers

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We work directly with airline companies and book cargo space directly from them, allowing us to meet the time requirements of different routes. This enables us to provide air transportation services to destinations worldwide.

Air Shipping to worldwide

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We offer a broad range of route options with clearly defined schedules and lead times, ensuring transparency and providing you with various capacities to choose from. We also customize optimal solutions based on your specific needs.

Gorto has customs expertise

Customs, clearance documents

Our greatest advantage is providing China-US DDP services, which include pickup, air freight, customs clearance, duties, and delivery. With over 10 years of experience, our customs clearance team is familiar with US import policies, ensuring the safety of all shipments.

How Gorto Team Works?

1. Pick-up

We can arrange pickup from different China suppliers and consolidate shipments.

2. Check Label & Packaging

Our team will help you check the package condition. Also can help stick labels.

3. Check Documentations

Our team will hep you check all your documentation to ensure nothing is missed.

4. Air shipping

Custom-Tailored Services according to your different needs.

5. Custom Clearance

You can make customs clearance by yourself or ask Gorto team help.

6. Destination

You can arrange pickup by yourself or ask Gorto team help.

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