China Warehouse

Gorto can provide you with low-priced China warehousing services to gain a competitive advantage. We have reduced warehousing costs and a quick delivery approach. With this, you can reach audiences in the far East Australia and other parts of the world.
Let’s dive into detail about the service we are providing to our customers.

Why use Gorto China Warehouse

China Warehouse

Gorto is a one-stop shop to integrate all your global supply chain needs. Here you will find solutions like:

  • Manageable Warehousing costs,
  • Distribution/shipping services,
  • Inventory Management.

Warehousing in the US and Europe usually burdens your e-commerce business. But we provide affordable space and labour costs to manage your business profitability. Our services will reduce your incurred costs. We provide you the same service at a much more reasonable cost. 

Who use Gorto China Warehouse?

international trade

Customers engaged in international trade

We, at Gorto, optimize the management model. Our experience in China’s logistics sector increased our logistics efficiency. By doing this we deliver the goods to your customers faster. We attract several national and international clients. They use our services to operate their International trade. With lucrative advantages, companies are getting rapid growth in their sales. We also help ease the financing burden of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

e-commerce,online shopping

Customers operating cross-border e-commerce

According to data from China’s Ministry of Commerce. China has established more than 1800 cross-border e-commerce in China after 2020. This made cross-border e-commerce a major means for businesses to conduct international trade. This also promotes the innovative development of international trade. We are well-equipped with automated facilities. We have managed shelves and all modern machines. We can help deliver goods to various countries.

Imported Products, goods

All customers importing goods from China

No matter where you are from, as long as you import goods from China to your country or other regions, our warehouse will store your goods and integrate goods from all over the country into our warehouse.

What services can Gorto China Warehouse provide?

Warehousing & Inventory Management of Goods: Get a clear overview of the available inventory. With one click you can get access to our different locations.  with a deep analysis of the efficiency of the supply chain. 

Pick Up and Delivery: Create your own pickup and delivery schedule. We are available to cater to all your needs with zero hassle.

Product Consolidation: Get access to a centralized/consolidated logistic facility. And have a strong grip on the shipping process.


Gorto China Warehouse, Amazon FBA Prep Center

Picking and Packing: We work on your command, to pick the right product type and number of products from your inventory. We will pack it for shipment.

Amazon Labeling Services: Amazon labelling services give assurance of 100% compliance with the fulfillment center. We follow strict carrier rules and regulations.   

Dangerous Cargo Handling: With strict international regulations, we ensure compliant and safe handling of dangerous cargo. We have our own designated DG handling areas, equipped with a highly skilled expert team.

Valuable Cargo Handling: Our Crago service follows rigorous safety and security measures. This includes- creating secure aisles, and usage of security cages. Also, monitoring high-risk areas with access control, and more.

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Benefits for sellers using Gorto China Warehouse

Faster delivery:

We have an excellent infrastructure network. We assure to deliver your cargo with the fastest turnaround times.

Supply chain integration management

We provide a centralized area for your inventory management. This gives you better inventory control, better customer service, and shorter lead time.

Simplify your shipping

We offer a one-stop solution from sourcing to shipping for your business. We protect your business relationships. We never disclose supplier's details to your customers. You need to place your order we will deliver it for you.

E-commerce Fulfillment

Gorto is the best e-commerce fulfillment service. We aim to meet every customer's expectations and help direct-to-consumer’s online success. This is possible because of our network of technology and fulfillment centers.

How much does China Warehouse cost?

China’s warehouse storage index (CWSI) reached 51.2 per cent in January 2024. The 13th straight month over the 50 per cent boom-bust line. This shows that there has been a steady demand for the warehousing sector in China”.China’s warehouse storage sector continued its sound performance. The reason is clear – because world businesses are choosing China as their priority. 

We understand the needs of the business owners. Thus, we always stand first in the line to expand your business operations. While doing so we take care of your common concern of cost.

The cost of warehousing in China varies based on various factors. The following are the important factors:

The cost of the warehouse depends on the location of the city or province in which the warehouse. If we take the example of the most popular exporting cities - Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. These locations are more expensive than those in smaller cities or rural areas.


The size of the product determines your warehousing cost, so you need to provide Gorto with the size of the product.


ome warehouses give add-on facilities like- climate control, loading docks, and security systems. They are more expensive than those without these features. But, availing of such services can be beneficial if your inventory is fragile.

Add-on Facilities:

Automation is the need of an hour for every business. These services can lead to a rise in the warehousing cost. Technologies like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and retrieval systems are expensive services. but for smooth functioning opting them always be profitable for your business.

Level of Automation:

Providing warehousing and transportation solutions

Customer satisfaction is a key ingredient. We deliver the best services to your business. We focus on identifying the best possible way to receive and move your cargo.
Gorto strives to optimize cost and service levels. It increases the usefulness and dependability of your logistics and warehouse needs. We have set up performance measurements that cater for every need of your company. We provide end-to-end support for your business needs. This includes strategic support, expansion, transportation strategy and warehousing operations.

China Warehouse, Warehouse Manager

Our significant offerings in this segment include:

  • Best warehouse design 
  • digital fulfilment
  • warehouse optimization
  • technology assessment and selection
  • E-commerce integration
  • transportation optimization
  • compliance and documentation
  • logistics outsourcing
  • Expert Team
  • reverse logistics

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