Container rates from China to US | June 2024

Gorto attaches great importance to our customers' shipping experience, so we will update the rate table for container transportation from China to the United States in real time so that you can refer to it in more detail when importing goods from China.
Container rates from China to the USA, International Cargo Port

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For importers, container freight is their biggest concern.

However, container rates have continued to rise in June.

Container rates in June 2024

The price of transporting goods directly affects the price and profit of goods sold locally. The GORTO team also attaches great importance to long-term cooperation with customers.

Therefore, we will show you the container rate in June 2024, which is our lowest price. If you find someone with a lower price than us, please tell our team and we will beat this price for you.

If you want other ports from China to USA, pls kindly contact us freely. our sales team will give you exact price within 6 hours, thank you.

POL/POD China Departure Port CNTR Size port to prrt prlce
LA/LB YanTan 20GP $5,120
LA/LB YanTan 40GP/HQ $6,400
LA/LB NingBo/ShangHai 20GP
LA/LB NingBo/ShangHai 40GP/HQ EMC $6400 COSCO $6500
LA/LB QingDao 20GP $5,460
LA/LB QingDao 40GP/HQ $6,550
NY YanTan 20GP $6,000
NY YanTan 40GP/HQ $7,500
NY NingBo/ShangHai 20GP $6,140
NY NingBo/ShangHai 40GP/HQ $7,600
NY QingDao 20GP $6,700
NY QingDao 40GP/HQ $7,600
CHI YanTan 20GP
CHI YanTan 40GP/HQ $7,950
CHI NingBo/ShangHai 20GP $7,280
CHI NingBo/ShangHai 40GP/HQ $8,500
CHI QingDao 20GP $6,500
CHI QingDao 40GP/HQ $8,200
SAV YanTan 20GP $6,000
SAV YanTan 40GP $7,500
DAL YanTan 40GP/HQ $7,950
HOU YanTan 20GP $6,080
HOU YanTan 40GP/HQ $7,600
OAK YanTan 20GP $5,120
OAK YanTan 40GP/HQ $6,400

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