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Gorto focuses on customer experience and long-term development.
We hope to be your strategic partner, contact us and let us simplify your transportation process and provide low price discounts to transport your goods to your designated location.

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Our routes reach the USA, UK, Canada, and the entire European Union. As long as you are looking for suppliers in China, as long as you have the need to import goods, Gorto can give you a very advantageous price, help you simplify the transportation process, and transport the goods to your designated location.

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Position: President of sales
Whatsapp: (+86) 135-5476-2806
E-mail: admin@gortofreight.com


Position: sales director
Whatsapp: (+86) 139-2280-5407
E-mail: abby@gortofreight.com


Position: sales director
Whatsapp: (+86) 176-6530-8966
E-mail: jane@gortofreight.com

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Established in 2007, we are proud to offer a specialized freight forwarding service. Reliability and professionalism are all part of our service. Solutions are built around our clients’ needs. Here in Gorto, we value long term relationships over short term profits. Choosing Gorto, shipping so easy.


Gorto focuses on routes from China to the United States and Europe. Since 2007, we have handled many emergency shipping cases and perfectly helped importers fulfill every order, which makes us more professional in the field of shipping.

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