What is ISA on Amazon?

This guide will explain in detail what Amazon ISA is
What is ISA on Amazon?

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What is ISA on Amazon?

ISA: Inbound Shipment Appointment is a code used for scheduling the arrival of goods at an Amazon warehouse. When a trucking company arranges a delivery with Amazon(usually through email), Amazon provides an ISA code, which is used for receiving the goods.

When a customer submits an ISA inquiry to Amazon, the customer service representative can retrieve all the records of inbound appointments associated with that ISA code. Starting from 2020, Amazon’s FBA warehouses in the United States have discontinued providing paper sign-in sheets or proof of delivery (POD) with stamps or signatures.

Here is a sample ISA document. Note: If the last three time are filled, it indicates that the shipment has been delivered to Amazon. The seller only needs to wait for the goods to be made available for sale in their store.

Here is a sample ISA document

This is a sample of Amazon’s POD, which used to be stamped, dated and signed, and is now largely unstamped. But it is delivered to the shipper along with the ISA, so for Amazon, the ISA is a POD.

This is a sample of Amazon's POD

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