Shipping from Shatian Dongguan to USA

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Shatian, Guangdong, China, is a large natural deep water port. It can hold 50,000 tonships and has a freight volume of 4.5 million tons.

Dongguan Port, in southern China’s Guangdong province, has a historical background. Around the end of 2012, Humen Port and Shatian Town were merged to create a consolidated port infrastructure. The merger was part of a plan to increase efficiency and streamline business operations in the maritime domain.

Four years later, in 2016, further restructuring led to the port’s renaming to “Dongguan Port.” That led to the port becoming a trade hub for exports and imports, further streamlining trade in the Pearl River Delta region. 

Today, Dongguan handles a high volume of container movement from China to the United States. It exports various goods, including textiles, electronics, apparel, furniture, machinery, and consumer goods, meeting customer demand across the world.

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How to Transport Goods from Shatian Dongguan to the USA

Several methods can be used for shipping from Dongguan to the USA. Of course, they all have benefits and limitations. The expressway, air freight, and sea freight are the most commonly used.

Let’s walk you through the step-by-step shipping process from China to the USA. 

Step #1: Prepare the Goods for Shipment

First, you must prepare the goods for shipment. Ensure everything is properly packed and labeled, and use quality packaging to prevent damage during transit.

Don’t forget to label the goods properly as well.

Step #2: Prepare Documentation

Once the goods are ready, you need to sort and get all the documents required for shipment. 

You will need a commercial invoice stating the value and description of the goods. Also, a packing list with complete information about the contents of the packages. The bill of lading, certificate of origin, export license, and other permits are also needed, which are essential documents for the shipment.

Once you have all of these documents, you need to submit them to Chinese customs for clearance.

Step #3: Transport the Goods

With all the documents ready, you must arrange to transport goods from the factory or warehouse to the port. The process is time-bound, so ensure there are no delays.

If you’re going with sea freight, you’ll have to load the goods onto containers. For air freight, the goods are loaded onto the aircraft. For express shipping, they will be handed over to the express courier.

Step #4: Wait for the Goods to Arrive in the USA

Once the goods arrive in the USA, they will undergo customs inspection. 

Custom clearance documents must be ready at the port for clearance. Theron, the applicable taxes and duties must be paid so the cargo can leave the port.

Step #5: Delivery to Destination

Finally, the goods are ready for delivery. Arrange for transportation from the port to the destination location. But ensure timelines are strictly met, and there are no unnecessary delays.

If you choose express shipping, the courier will arrange the delivery.

Shipping Methods from Shatin Dongguan to the USA

There are three popular ways to ship from Dongguan to the USA: air,  sea freight, and via courier.  

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Sea Freight

Sea freight is one of the most popular shipping methods from China to the USA. In this type of transit, the cargo moves via container ships. 

One thing you should look into is your container load size. 

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

LCL stands for Less Than Container Load. If you opt for LCL, you’ll use only a portion of the shipping container’s capacity. LCL consolidates the goods of multiple shippers into one 40HQ container.

This way, you can effectively utilize the space and minimize shipping costs without having to order bulk quantities.

LCL is a good option if you’re shipping a small cargo volume, i.e., under 40 cubic meters.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Container Load shipping is when one shipper utilizes an entire 40HQ container space to load goods. It is the best option if you have enough cargo to fill in a container.

Usually, if your goods are over 36 cubic meters, we recommend FCL booking with the freight forwarding company. It is not just cost-effective but also ensures your goods are delivered fast.

Air Freight

Air freight is the best choice when your deliverables are time-sensitive. It is very cost-effective compared to express delivery, though 1-2 days slower (which is a meager time difference.) Moreover, it has a very cost-effective pricing, allowing you to quickly transport goods (samples) to the destination.

It is also good for high-value cargo such as jewelry, electronics, precision instruments, and perishable items like food and medicine.

Air transport is recommended when the goods are samples or weigh more than 500 kilograms.

Air freight takes 2 to 7 days for shipping from Dongguan to the USA.


Express delivery is currently the fastest mode of transportation in the world, but its price is the highest among the three modes we’ve discussed. If you have samples that need to be transported urgently or timebound deliveries, and pricing does not matter too much, you can opt for express delivery.

Of course, it is still recommended that you seek the cooperation of a freight forwarder. It will save a lot of costs and hassle to send your express delivery through a freight forwarder.

Because express delivery and freight forwarding services have cooperative links, they can get you the lowest express delivery price from DHL and UPS, helping you save costs.

Shipping Rates and Time from Shatin Dongguan to the USA

Timelines are crucial for business. When you’re exporting or importing, unnecessary delays are annoying and can also be detrimental.

Shipping Times

Shipping from China to the USA usually takes 15-35 days, but the time can vary depending on the mode of transportation and the target destination point in the USA.

Air freight takes 2-7 days, and sea freight takes 15-35 days or more. However, remember that these numbers can vary based on several factors.

Shipping Rates

You need to know the freight costs to determine the total shipping rates. You can calculate freight costs by examining the weight, volume of goods occupied, and transit speed.

Then, there are landed costs, such as transportation from the factory to the ship, warehouse charges, customs clearance fees, and other duties.

Wrap Up

The route from Dongguan port to the USA holds major significance for business trade.

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