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Shipping from China to the USA, most importantly, it's the cost.Because the cost of importing goods each time is not low .

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Shipping items from China to the USA may appear overwhelming. With the right information it can be a straightforward process. It’s important to have a grasp of the shipping choices, even if you’re starting out.

Sea transportation offers cost solutions for transporting quantities of goods. It includes options such as Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL). But it’s important to consider factors like shipping expenses, duration and potential risks.

Air freight is an option for delivery although it typically comes at a cost. Deciding when to opt for air freight depends on your urgency and budget. Likewise express shipping ensures delivery. To determine the choice, compare costs between express and air freight services.

This guide will delve into these shipping alternatives. It will provide all the information for successful shipments, from China to the US.

Important Considerations for Shipping from China to the USA

When bringing goods from China to the United States you have three shipping choices. They include express, air freight and sea freight. Your decision will be based on factors such as the nature of your cargo and how quickly it needs to arrive. It is advisable to seek advice from a freight forwarder to maximize cost savings.

Companies like Gorto Freights, which are based in China, can negotiate rates. We have an understanding of how different factors can impact costs and logistics. Managing these details on your own can be challenging. So, consider seeking professional assistance.

While shipping methods you may also need freight insurance and a customs broker. These ensure transportation from China to the US is safe with little to no loss. Luckily Gorto Freights offers these services for increased protection.

Nevertheless let’s proceed with providing you with all the information.

How to ship products from China to the USA

Deciding on the shipping method, from China to the US is a subjective matter. In reality, it depends on various factors.

The type of product you have, its dimensions, weight and how quickly it needs to arrive all come into play. These aspects are crucial when choosing between Express, Air or Sea Freight.

Additionally your final destination and the available routes also have an impact. This is why engaging a freight forwarder based in China is often the approach.

Nonetheless let’s delve into the details of these three shipping options.

Sea Freight from China to the USA

A cargo ship loaded with cargo from China to the USA.

Transporting goods from China to the USA often involves using sea freight. This is due to its cost effectiveness for shipments. Note that there are two primary sea freight options worth discussing. They are: Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).

LCL Shipping from China to the USA

LCL shipping is a choice for shipments that don’t require a full container. It enables shippers to split container space. This sharing makes it a cost effective option for businesses with cargo loads. 

The process entails consolidating your items with shippers to occupy a container. Although LCL presents an alternative it does have its downside. Longer transit times are inevitable due to the necessary consolidation and deconsolidation procedures.

Sea Freight shipping from China to USA banner

FCL Shipping from China to the USA

FCL shipping is usually the direct and cost efficient choice. This method entails renting a full container to transport your goods. Plus, it’s significantly less expensive when compared to LCL. 

Apart from offering container space FCL also minimises handling risks. This is because the cargo is loaded and sealed in China until reaching the USA. It proves to be a good option since it skips consolidation and deconsolidation.

Shipping cost from China to USA

When it comes to shipping items, from China to the USA, the cost and time it takes can vary. This depends on the method and location of shipment. Let’s take a look, at the details outlined in the table;

CHINA - USA Transit time (port to port) Transit time(door to door) Average US dollars/CBM
China - Western USA Superior 10.5 days 12-18 days $195/CBM
China - Western USA Fast 12.5 days 15-22 days $149/CBM
China - Western USA Normal 15 days 20-30 days $119/CBM
China - Central USA Fast 19 days 20-25 days $298/CBM
China - Eastern USA Normal 35-40 days 40-50 days $125/CBM

How long does it take to ship from China to the US?

Shipping durations, from China to the USA aren’t. Can vary due to factors like port choices, routes and delays. Weather conditions and customs processes can further impact these timelines. Sea freight generally ranges between 18 to 40 days. 

These estimates are not definite and could shift. To get the up to date shipping details feel free to contact our specialists for assistance.

What are the risks of shipping from China to the USA

When importing goods from China there are risks that importers need to be aware of;

  1. Delays during transit. Weather conditions, port congestion and customs issues. All these can disrupt schedules and impact delivery times.
  2. Potential for damages. Goods may get damaged due to mishandling, loading or transportation issues. It’s crucial to use packaging and insurance to minimize risks.
  3. Compliance challenges. Following customs regulations, managing import related costs and handling paperwork correctly are essential. Failure to comply could lead to charges or loss of goods.
  4. Security concerns; The risk of theft or loss exists at stages of the shipping process. Ensuring container seals are intact and choosing logistics partners are key. They play a vital role in protecting shipments.
  5. Effective communication. Maintaining communication among all parties involved is vital. It prevents misunderstandings or errors, especially when dealing with language barriers.

Air shipping from China to the USA

Air transport offers an option compared to ocean shipping suitable for urgent deliveries. This segment delves into facets of air transport covering aspects. Aspects such as rates, schedules and economical choices. Etc.

Cost of air freight from China to the USA

Air shipping price from China to USA

Calculating the expenses for air freight from China involves several elements. They include weight, size, time sensitivity and the specific services needed. The rates can vary depending on fuel prices, demand levels and the availability of space. 

To assist with budget planning and decision making we will supply forms to use as a reference point.

15KG+ 21KG+ 75KG+ 100KG+
$9.1/KG $8.8/KG $7.6/KG $7.1/KG

Air shipping from China to usa time

The duration for shipping products via air from China to the United States varies. But it typically spans from days to a week. This timeframe is influenced by several factors. They include the airline’s flight path and the time required for customs clearance. 

Feel free to fill out our form for a detailed overview of transit times. It can assist in coordinating logistics effectively.

When Should Air Freight Be Used?

Air cargo is better when the expense of arrival surpasses the cost of air transportation. It is especially ideal, for items that are high in value but low in volume. Companies also opt for this method when meeting deadlines is crucial. 

Sectors like electronics, fashion and pharmaceuticals frequently depend on air freight. Why? The swift delivery service aids in restocking inventories, without any delays.

Cheapest Air Shipping from China to USA

Air shipping expenses differ based on the weight, dimensions, final location and carrier. Typically smaller and lighter parcels come with air freight charges. 

Utilizing consolidation services or negotiating discounts through freight forwarders can help reduce costs. But note that the affordable choice may not guarantee the dependable service. 

So it’s advisable to compare both the price and delivery times before opting for the services.

Express Shipping from China to the USA

When it comes to getting your package from China to the USA, express shipping is the way to go. This option typically includes top notch courier services such as DHL, FedEx and UPS

Let’s take a look at what shipping entails.

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How Long Does Express Shipping Take from China to the USA?

Shipping items quickly from China to the USA usually takes between 3 to 5 days. However it’s important to keep in mind that this timeline can change. It depends on factors such as your location and how well customs processes the shipment. The specific express delivery service you opt for also plays an important role. 

The speedy nature of shipping makes it perfect for sending packages. Additionally it comes with tracking and regular updates. So, shippers are reassured that their items will reach their destination as planned.

Express Shipping Costs from China to the USA

The cost of express shipping is influenced by the weight, volume, and urgency of the shipment. Express shipping tends to be more expensive than standard air freight. It’s due to its faster delivery times, door-to-door delivery, and detailed tracking. 

To assist in budgeting, we will provide forms detailing current pricing structures.

Less than 10 kg Less than 50kg Less than 200 kg 300-500 kg
$7.43 $6.54 $5.10 $5.04

Express Company vs Air Freight

When it comes to choosing between express and air freight your decision will depend on what you need. Express companies provide more comprehensive services. This includes customs clearance and direct delivery to the destination. 

This is good for shipments that’re time sensitive and need minimal handling. On the other hand, air freight is generally more cost effective. It’s better suited for larger shipments that can withstand longer delivery times.

Express companies often have established networks that streamline the shipping process. So, it makes them a great choice for businesses in need of reliability and speed. But if your priority is cost reduction with no deadline, air freight could work.

When businesses weigh these alternatives they should consider the nature of their goods. Very urgent items work well with express shipping, while mildly urgent ones can use air travel.

Shipping container from China to the USA

When shipping goods, it’s essential to consider the various sizes of shipping containers. The following table provides an overview of these dimensions.

long Width high Volume actual loading gross weight Weight limit
20FT 5.9m 2.35m 2.393m 33.2 cube 28CBM 2230Kgs 21770Kgs
40FT 12.036m 2.35m 2.392m 67.7 cube 58CBM 3700Kgs 26780Kgs
40HQ 12.010m 2.33m 2.690m 76.28 cube 68CBM 3968Kgs 26512Kgs

Cost of shipping 40ft container from China to USA

Shipping a 40 foot container from China to the US can vary in cost. This is due to factors like ports, shipping routes, market conditions, and more. The shipping company or forwarder you select also plays a role in determining the price. 

To get an estimate that suits your requirements get in touch with the team at Gorto.

Factors Influencing Container Shipping Prices

Shipping costs for a container can change based on so many factors. These include:

  • Port of departure
  • Destination port
  • Customs clearance invoice (Packing list, product + number of pieces. value + product picture + customs code + product quantity + product size and weight)
  • Delivery address
  • Supplier contact information
  • Cabinet loading time
  • Timeliness requirements

What is the cheapest way to ship from China to the USA?

The most budget friendly way to transport goods from China to the USA is sea freight. This method is ideal for transporting heavy items that do not require delivery. Sea freight offers cost savings compared to air shipping. It’s due to lower fuel expenses and the capability to move large quantities of goods in one go.

Opting for a Full Container Load (FCL) can be a choice. It provides the use of a container leading to reduced handling costs and damage risks.

For shipments Less than Container Load (LCL) might be a cost effective option. LCL enables shippers to share container space with others. This then divides transportation expenses among parties and reduces shipping costs per unit.

It is also recommended to schedule shipments during, off peak seasons. Doing this lets you capitalise on rates and ensure availability.

What is the fastest shipping from China to the USA?

The quickest way to send packages is by air shipping services. More precisely, by courier companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. These express services can deliver packages from China to the USA in 3 to 5 days. But this depends on the service level chosen and the logistics involved.

Express shipping is notably faster than air freight since they offer integrated services. These include expedited handling, customs clearance and direct delivery to the final destination. This streamlined process helps reduce delays with air freight and sea freight. Therefore, it’s a great choice for time shipments that need rapid delivery.

For those requiring instant delivery, use express service providers. They offer premium services that ensure next day delivery to specific areas in the USA. However availability depends on the origin of dispatch in China and the timing. While this option may come at a higher cost, it is best for urgent deliveries.

DDP shipping from China to USA

In the Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) invoice the seller bears the responsibility. Most especially, they handle the goods until they reach the buyer’s country. They also cover shipping fees, customs duties, insurance and other related costs.

Key Features of DDP Shipping

The seller takes on all the risks and expenses until the goods are delivered. So, their job includes duties, taxes and other charges. This approach offers convenience, for buyers as they don’t handle customs procedures and others.

Sellers also enjoy control over the shipping process. This allows them to decide on shipping companies and logistics.

Drawbacks Of DDP Shipping

  • Increased Expenses for Sellers. Due to sellers bearing all expenses DDP may come with a price tag for them impacting the cost of goods.
  • Regulations and Adherence. Sellers need to grasp the import rules in the United States. This is to ensure adherence and prevent potential delays or extra fees.
  • Protection Through Insurance. It is advisable for sellers to have insurance covering their goods during transportation. This responsibility stays until the goods reach their destination.

Benefits Of DDP Shipping

Buyers can relax as the seller takes care of all the shipping details making the process hassle free. With DDP buyers, understand the cost of getting their items to their doorstep. Which is great, for budgeting and financial planning purposes. 

DDP shipping ensures an effortless delivery experience for customers. Naturally, this leads to enhanced satisfaction, through a simple delivery process.

Dangerous goods shipping from China to the USA

When shipping goods it’s crucial to follow regulations to guarantee their safe transportation. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind;


Different types of substances are grouped according to their characteristics and possible dangers. Each hazardous material gets a UN number, a category and a packaging classification. These categorizations dictate how these items should be handled and transported.


It’s really important to make sure you’re following all the rules and regulations. For sea shipping, you need to follow the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG). For air freight, just stick to the regulations. These are set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), for handling goods.


Packaging is crucial to avoid leaks, spills and hazardous reactions while transporting goods. It is necessary to use authorized packaging materials, like certified drums or containers. Certain products might also need packaging to reduce risks further.


It is crucial to have precise paperwork in place. This involves submitting a declaration, for materials. Additionally you need to provide the required shipping paperwork and authorizations. The documentation should outline the items, their categorization and contain instructions, for handling.

Carrier Selection

Picking the carrier is crucial. Not all carriers have the expertise or certification to transport materials. So, opt for a freight forwarder that specializes in handling goods for efficiency.

Training and Expertise

Individuals responsible for managing materials must understand the dangers and necessary safety measures. Certification is essential to guarantee adherence to protocols. Successful transportation of materials from China to the USA demands preparation.

Collaboration with the shipper, freight forwarder and carrier is crucial. This maintains safety standards and compliance with regulations during the shipping journey.

How to calculate import duty from China to the USA?

To determine the import duty when shipping goods, follow these organized steps;

Step 1; HS Code Identification. Begin by finding the Harmonized System (HS) code, for your imported items. This code is important as it categorizes the goods for customs and duty assessment.

Step 2; Customs Valuation. Calculate the customs value of the goods. This includes their cost and any expenses like freight, insurance and other charges.

Step 3; Duty Rate Determination. Discover the duty rate for your goods based on their assigned HS code. Duty rates can vary depending on the product type. Are outlined in the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).

Step 4; Calculating Duty Amount. Determine the import duty amount you will need to pay. You can get this by multiplying the customs value of your goods by the duty rate. For example if your goods customs value is $1,000 and the duty rate is 5% your import duty would amount to $50.

Step 5; Taxes and Fees. Take into consideration any taxes such as excise tax, alongside import fees. It’s important to be aware of fees such as anti dumping and countervailing duties. They may be applicable based on the origin and nature of your goods.

Step 6; Engaging a Customs Broker. Check whether hiring a customs broker perfect for this process 

Seeking help from an expert like Gorto Freight can ensure that you follow customs rules. They specialize in categorizing goods, verifying their value and navigating customs procedures. 

Dealing with import taxes can be intricate. So, relying on a customs expert for guidance is advisable. Gorto Freight ensures calculations and compliance, with all requirements.


Although it’s not required, it’s highly recommended to get insurance for your shipments. Shipping comes with its set of risks, like theft, damage or losing goods during transit. Insurance provides a safety net in case any of these events happen. 

You can buy insurance from your shipping company or another provider. Make sure the insurance covers both the value of your items and the shipping expenses. This step will protect your investment. Give you peace of mind.

Conclusion - Best freight forwarder China to USA

When it comes to selecting a freight forwarder Gorto Freight stands out as a top notch option. With 16 years of experience, in the logistics field we have honed a variety of services. These encompass express delivery and air transportation. We also fully understand ocean shipping, customs clearance and multi mode transport.

This array of services guarantees that Gorto can manage any shipping need effortlessly. Whether it’s a parcel or a large cargo rest assured we’ll handle it with efficiency and care.

For those in search of expert handling for their shipments from China, to the USA Gorto is the best.

Reach out to Gorto today to discover how we can simplify shipping for you.

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