UK tax filing IEN analysis: How sellers deal with Amazon’s new requirements

Understand the UK tax filing IEN for Amazon sellers with our comprehensive guide. Learn about IEN, how to obtain it, and update your shipment status to ensure compliance and continued success on Amazon UK.
UK tax filing IEN analysis- How sellers deal with Amazon’s new requirements,Mastering UK IEN Requirements: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

Table of Contents

To have in-depth knowledge about the filling of IENs refer to this article. It will help you to learn about IEN in detail with the facts stated below:

  • What is an Import Entry Number (IEN)
  • How to get it,
  • Updation of IEN Status for Shipment
  • Role of Tax Representative
  • Vital Compliances to follow

Amazon UK’s requirements for IEN on import tax documents are creating confusion. Many Sellers find it difficult to understand.

This article will offer you solutions to this new mandate and will also explain the IEN in detail.

What Exactly is an IEN?

The Import Entry Number (IEN) is an 18-digit code on import tax documents. Amazon uses this to verify if sellers are importing goods through official channels.

How Can You Get an IEN?

There are different types of IEN, the most common IEN is MRN. The Movement Reference Number (MRN) on the duty-paid document is your IEN. It is applicable only when you have cleared the customs with your VAT (self-taxation).

When can you not get IEN? What can be the solutions to this?

Custom clearance through Duty-paid (non-owned VAT) cannot provide a duty-paid document. Stated by the Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme (FHDDS). By doing this you cannot get an IEN.

Here are a few solutions to tackle this situation:

Updating IEN Status for Shipments:

  • You must update your IEN status in Amazon’s Backend even if you do not have IENs for the shipment.
  • Without IEN you should submit the shipment status as “IEN not available” and save the option. This action considers the IEN status as “complete.”
  • After 60 days, if you cannot update your IEN status, Amazon can restrict your stock intake. It will be considered as non-compliance with UK VAT and customs obligations.
  • Do things on time as there is no such report that will tell that clients are unable to update.

Be Prudent and Consult a Tax Representative:

  • If the Amazon backend does not have the option to enter the IEN and requires an IEN entry. Consulting your tax representative is always a good option. One should always be careful to use previous duty-paid document’s IEN.
  • Focus on avoiding risks associated with this action and follow best practices.

Optimize Compliant Channels:

Even though Amazon’s requirements for IEN input were not strict in the past. Still, Amazon US probes hidden risks for non-compliant actions.

Thus, we recommend sellers should always focus on compliant channels for self-tax/deferment.

To sum up, we can say that Amazon’s new requirements made sellers more cautious and compliant towards IEN.

We appreciate the time you invested in reading this article. We made our best efforts to create the crispest and clearest article to curtail all your IEN-related queries. In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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