Actual Time of Departure (ATD)

This guide will explain in detail the definition of Actual Time of Departure (ATD) and its role in shipping.
Actual Time of Departure (ATD) Definition, Port, Ship

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Definition of Actual Time of Departure (ATD)

In shipping, Actual Time of Departure (ATD) refers to the exact date and time of the actual departure of a vessel, vehicle, or aircraft, and is a common term used worldwide to refer to the actual time of departure of cargo.

Compare with Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

  • ETD is the schedule for the plan start of a shipment, whereas ATD is the actual time of departure.
  • Differences between ETD and ATD can indicate that the scheduling of the shipment, or an anomaly in the completion time of the shipment’s production, has resulted in a difference in time between the

ATD provide the actual time of departure of the shipment. It helps the carrier calculate the Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) according to the actual departure time, for better manage the supply chain and goods.

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