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Sea Shipping(LCL&FCL)

Streamline your logistics process with our LCL and FCL shipping services. Our professional team will match you with the best and most suitable logistics solution.

Air Freight

We work directly with airline companies and book cargo space directly from them, allowing us to meet the time requirements of different routes. This enables us to provide air transportation services to destinations worldwide.

No matter where your goods are in China, we can arrange for pickup. Regardless of the destination in the United States, we can handle the delivery. We can simplify your complex logistics process—just entrust your goods to us, and you can simply await delivery at the warehouse.

Our primary focus lies in shipping routes to the USA from China. With highly competitive pricing, we thrive on this route. In addition to the USA routes, we also operate transportation routes to Canada and European countries.All of our routes are strategically advantageous to us.

Hassle-Free Shipping icon

Hassle-Free Shipping

We handle everything from factory to doorstep, including communication, freight forwarding, consolidation, and packing guidance.

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Customs Clearance

We handle customs clearance for both export and import, including documentation checks and advice on HS codes.

On time delivery

On-time Delivery

Our China to US Super Fast sea Channel guarantees "door-to-door" transit in 18-24 days.

Globalize Your Business With Gorto

Door-to-Door service

  • Super fast sea 13-18 days
  • Normal sea 25-35 days
  • Airfreight 5-7 days

Door-to-Door service

  • Seafreight 30-40 days
  • Airefreight 7-12 days
  • Express 3-4 days

Door-to-Door service

  • Seafreight 30-40 days
  • Railway 35-45 days
  • Airfreight 7-12 days

Ship your goods from anywhere in China

Step #1
Pick Up Your Cargo

Due to our nationwide network of warehouses, we can retrieve your goods from anywhere in China and transport them to Gorto warehouses quickly and cost-effectively. This advantage allows you to save on transportation costs and expedite delivery.

Step #2
Prepare for shipping

Our team with 16 years of transportation experience will handle all aspects of your cargo transportation according to your requirements. This includes packaging, labeling, or any specific requests you may have. Additionally, our team will address any questions or concerns that arise during the transportation process.

Step #3
Ship to destination

We will transport your goods to the specified location in the destination country according to your requirements. We will provide all backend services for your cargo, including insurance, customs clearance, and delivery to the destination country. You don’t need to worry about the entire process; just wait at home for your goods to be delivered.

We provide shipping services to Amazon sellers and international trading companies.

amazon FBA seller

Small Business Importers

Ecommerce Platform Sellers

All importers

Last Mile Delivery

Skip the hassle of port transportation; we’ll deliver directly to your AMZ FBA or warehouse.

Online Tracking

Gorto offers a proprietary tracking system, enabling clients to monitor their shipments online with precision.

No hidden fees

We promise that our fees are absolutely transparent, with no hidden costs whatsoever.One-stop all-inclusive service!

One-stop Solution

Door-to-door service includes customs and duty. Pickup, labeling, and insurance are available

Cargo Pick Up

Warehouses in multiple Chinese cities ensure convenient doorstep pickups for your goods, regardless of their location in China.

Free warehousing

Gorto offers free warehouse services to enhance shipping flexibility. You can store your goods in our warehouse.

More Than A Traditional Freight Forwarder

Customer reviews about us

Based on the different attributes of your products, destination, and the value of the goods, the price per KG varies. The product attributes include regular goods, sensitive goods, and dangerous goods. If you would like detailed information on the price per KG for your products, you can contact our sales team, and they will provide you with a competitive price.

There is no uniform standard time; it depends on the delivery address in the United States (e.g., addresses in the U.S. West will arrive at the LA/LB port, while addresses in the U.S. East will have a direct route to the New York port). Additionally, different shipping channels (different shipping companies) will result in varying transit times. However, we can still provide you with the fastest estimated arrival times.
U.S. West port to port: Fastest 11 days, standard 15 days.
U.S. West door to door: Fastest 13-18 days, standard 22-28 days.
U.S. East port to port: 35 days.
U.S. East door to door: 40-50 days (via the U.S. East route).

Yes, we can transport pure lithium batteries or any other charged Dangerous Goods.

Packing list and commercial invoice are generally required for international shipping. If there are any additional documents needed, we will inform you in advance to ensure a smooth shipping process.

Yes, we have partners in overseas ports. So, if needed, we can help you with that. We also have our own customs clearance team in the USA and EU to ensure smooth delivery and efficient handling of your shipment at its destination. This helps to expedite the customs clearance process and minimize any potential delays or issues.

Our sales team will update you on each step of the process in a timely manner. You can also track your shipment using our Gorto tracking system.


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